Being stupendously average..

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Average guy

Being average sucks but the average guy does not get sucked. Before that what makes the average guy "average"? If there were no scales of measurement, would I be "Not average". No! I refuse to accept this. Being average is ME. I don't know who but someone said - "If God did not exist Man would have created him". I am goddamn sure that if there were no scale of measurement I would have invented it. The intelligent reader would have observed that I will lose my "mean-ness" the moment I invent. I counter such balderdash with "The quote was there already..". Besides the moment I find a scale I know my position in it. Finding this niche position is harder than one can imagine. It takes effort to find it and then push all those tough competitors to either side. Mind you - Pushing them to one side is a futile effort and you'll end up without an identity. It takes years and years of training to be where I am now. Smack in the middle of everything. There's another word for this - Nothing. Everyone thinks that this is the antonym of Everything but it's only what you learnt at school. You also learned that you'll grow up to be honest responsible citizens. Think for yourself exactly half of the time you think and you'll understand what I mean.